OUr team

Our team has a nearly 50-50 male to female ratio, along with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and grade ranges. Out of our team of 65, 12 qualify for free or reduced lunch, and our grade distribution is roughly divided into quarters. Our team strives to extend the opportunities FIRST provides throughout the Bay Area community, and in the past 5 years, we’ve committed 6000+ volunteer hours and promoted female presence in FIRST through WiSTEM panels. In addition to that, we influence many of the elementary and middle schools in our community, reaching out to students directly with our STEM Nights. During these events, we demo our robot and discuss the engineering process with students and parents. We also partner with UBER Inc. to run a weeklong MINDSTORMS summer camp for students in grades 3-8. During this camp, 30 students are introduced to 3D computer-aided design, and complete a curriculum on the assembly and programming of LEGO MINDSTORMS. By reaching out to children and peers, we are developing an interest in STEM at a young age and inspiring the future generation of innovators and engineers in our community.

Community outreach is a critical part of our team, as we were the first FRC team in San Francisco and are committed to expanding the SF FIRST community. For example, we mentor 8 FIRST teams, providing support throughout the build season as well as sending our own members to assist them on a weekly basis. We started Team 5700, the SOTA Cyberdragons, and either mentor or assist all 7 other SF FRC teams, all of which are growing successfully. While supporting the expansion and continuation of FIRST teams, we also work to support FIRST as a whole, hosting an annual FLL qualifier at our school for Lego League teams and volunteering at FIRST events throughout the Bay Area. Our efforts to develop a strong FIRST community in San Francisco have been incredibly successful, with the San Francisco FRC community becoming strong enough to support the San Francisco Regional. We have supported this community from the beginning and ensure that it will continue to thrive.