The first and second weeks of build season have been really productive. We’re working hard on a few different designs. Week one and two are up, click here for the playlist:
Learn more in our upcoming Week Three recap!

We would like to congratulate our new board for the next season to come!

#omgrobots #frcteam4159

We had a blast at SVR last weekend! We did not get chosen for eliminations, but ended rank 16 and had fun meeting teams, cheering on others, and much more. Even though is the end to our 2019 season, we look forward to next year! #omgrobots #destinationdeepspace #frcteam4159 #svr

In our last match, we played with teams 649 and 7419, winning 80 to 53! Unfortunately we didn’t get chosen in the alliance selection but ended in rank 16! #OMGrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #frcteam4159