Team 4159 CardinalBotics is Lowell High School’s FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics team. Since our founding year in 2012, we’ve participated in 10 years of the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competitions), where our team has around two months to design a competitive robot from scratch. During competition season, we compete with other high school teams from all around the world at State Regionals, and even World Championships. Beyond that, we strive to inspire local youth, promote creativity, encourage teamwork, and most importantly, spread STEM to our community.


CardinalBotics inspires youth by promoting creativity, teamwork, and commitment to our community. We raise support for FIRST and its mission by innovating solutions to technical challenges and publicly promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through our work as a team, we develop the skills necessary to become leaders of a dynamic and increasingly technology-dependent world.


We’re gearing up for our Internal Robotics Competition (IRC), our primary training for rookies! In this year’s game, Prism Panic, rookies will work in teams of 6 to build a robot able to score cardboard boxes into various goal zones. During endgame, teams will try to “park” their robots for more points. Bonus points will also be awarded to robots able to move and score during autonomous.

Our veterans are working equally as hard on various offseason projects. We’re currently building an adjustable hood for our robot so it can shoot at different angles using limelight. We’re also building a sturdier intake system with the goal of reducing the amount of damage it takes during matches. Finally, we’re building a demo robot that uses swerve, a driving mechanism that allows a robot to move in any direction without having to turn.

Our team had a blast participating in CalGames from October 7th to 9th! We were able to make it to the playoffs in the sixth alliance. Our next offseason competition will be Madtown Throwdown from November 11th to 13th!

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