Team 4159 CardinalBotics is a FIRST Robotics Competition team based in Lowell High School, San Francisco, California. Every year, we compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an international high school competition where each team has 6 weeks to design and create a 120 pound robot for a given game. As a high school group, CardinalBotics seeks to inspire youth through creativity, innovation, and teamwork in our community. This experience allows students to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM.


CardinalBotics inspires youth by promoting creativity, teamwork, and commitment to our community. We raise support for FIRST and its mission by innovating solutions to technical challenges and publicly promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through our work as a team, we develop the skills necessary to become leaders of a dynamic and increasingly technology-dependent world.


In the 2019 season, we built our most ambitious robot yet, IO. We attended the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Regionals, and reached the finals in the San Francisco Regional. More recently, we welcomed our new members for the 2020 season and are preparing for our Internal Robotics Competition.


We would like to congratulate our new board for the next season to come!

#omgrobots #frcteam4159

We had a blast at SVR last weekend! We did not get chosen for eliminations, but ended rank 16 and had fun meeting teams, cheering on others, and much more. Even though is the end to our 2019 season, we look forward to next year! #omgrobots #destinationdeepspace #frcteam4159 #svr

In our last match, we played with teams 649 and 7419, winning 80 to 53! Unfortunately we didn’t get chosen in the alliance selection but ended in rank 16! #OMGrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #frcteam4159

In our first match today we played with teams 6036 and 7245. We fought hard but lost 42-75 #OMGrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #frcteam4159