The CardinalBotics program is based around the FIRST Robotics Competition, which involves building a 120-pound robot in six-and-a-half weeks to compete with and against other robots from around the world. This allows students to work with a variety of different technologies, including programming, app development, automation, and CAD (computer-aided design) software. Students also have the opportunity to use advanced machinery to work on robot parts and other projects, like our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) mill. The team also has a public relations and outreach program that encourages students to develop skills in digital photography, videography, graphic design, and modern computer applications to promote STEM.

In years other than this, there are certain Off-Season Competitions around the Bay Area that we go to, usually 2 or 3. In other years we have hour requirements and an application necessary for qualifying to go with the team to Championships in Texas. This year, we may participate in digital events. Below are the competitions we attend traditionally.

Off-Season Competitions

During off-season events, we compete using the previous season’s robot. This year, we will compete with the robot used for the 2022 FRC game, Rapid React. New members are expected to attend these events as an introduction to FIRST competitions.


CalGames will take place in October at Woodside High School in Woodside, CA.  Dozens of Bay Area teams will participate in the event, which features more match play and learning opportunities for members.

Madtown Throwdown

Madtown Throwdown will take place in November at Matilda Torres High School in Madera, CA.


  • January/February – Competition season starts. During the first week, we strategize and prototype mechanisms. During the second to third week, we iterate different potential robot designs, and start to build. During the fourth week, we begin to finalize our robot design and start to program. During the fifth and sixth week, we finish the robot and necessary programming, and prepare drivers for competition.
  • March – We attend the San Francisco and Sacramento Regional, and if we earn a qualifying award, we go to championships during April.
  • April – If we qualified, we will attend World Championships in Houston, Texas. Students meet with professional industry workers, connect with companies and colleges, and network with like-minded students from 27 countries worldwide.