Lowell High School's robotics team, CardinalBotics Team 4159, is currently looking for mentors!!

CardinalBotics is a FIRST Robotics Team founded in 2012. Every spring we compete in an international competition, where we build a robot and compete against other high school teams. (Learn more about what we do here).  In the fall, we work on training our new members on tools, electronics, and other important aspects of the team. We have an advanced machining shop with tools such as the lathe, a MakerBot Replicator, and a Tormach 770 mill.  Our veteran members teach workshops for our new members, but we would love it if an adult could teach a more advanced one. We are looking for mentors with skills in anything from business to manufacturing. Our mentors can teach a workshop and come in to assist our team in building our robot or other various tasks (such as building test drive trains or maintaining our old robots). We are looking for team mentors who can lend our members their expertise in both technical fields and logistical fields, to build a successful robotics team.

What kind of mentors are we looking for?

  • Project Managing Mentors: Plan off-season workshops/projects and help manage build season
  • Technical Mentors: Electronics, manufacturing, and more!
  • Business Mentors: Fundraising, finding sponsors, and grant writing
  • Design Mentors: Computer Aided Design (CAD) using SolidWorks to design our robot
  • Programming Mentors: Programming the robot (Java)
  • Marketing Mentors: Team promotion and outreach events
  • Financing Mentors: Keep track of team income and expenses
  • Visual Media Mentors: Cinematography, graphic design work for promotional flyers, and brochures

What do I have to commit to the team?

Mentors usually start by running a two-hour workshop or give a talk. Commitment to our team is flexible, but we would like mentors who can come back to help us during early spring, which is our competition season. Past mentors have helped us with welding parts of the robot, brainstorming strategies for competition, and coming after school to help prototype ideas.

Where can I find more information?

Contact our head coach Mr. Cooley at [email protected]. Or come drop by after school to Room 203 in the Science Building at Lowell High School Monday-Friday from 3:30pm-6:00pm (please make sure to check in at the office first).