Here are a couple of resources below that we think may be useful to other FIRST teams. Feel free to use them. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about any of these resources, we would love to hear them. Let us know


  • Safety Resources

Safety information for tools, maintenance and competitions can be seen in the links below.

– General Safety Rules for Lowell's FIRST Team


  • Programming Resources

Programming information and Powerpoints can be found in the links below.

– Programming Template

– Programming Powerpoint #1

– Programming Powerpoint #2

– Programming Powerpoint #3

– GitHub Page (all our old code)


  • Programming Tutorials

– Installing and Java Basics

– Codecademy Javascript Basics

– Khanacademy Javascript Basics

– Advanced FRC Java

– Programming Tutorial (basics, uploading code) 

– Programming Tutorial (basics, Java, simple autonomous and teleop)  (coming soon)

– FRC Electronics Powerpoint

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First? (list of useful languages to learn besides Java)


  • Building Resources

Resources for building the robot and parts of the robot.

_  All About Circuits

– Gearbox Instructions

– IRC Remote Control Workshop

– Wiring Your IRC Robot


Powerpoint used at the WRRF Workshop on how to start a rookie team.


 Material Safety Data Sheets with information on various substances.


Rules, expectations and responsibilities of being a member/taking a position of the board for Team 4159.


Edmond's slides on project planning, management, troubleshooting. (Dec. 13 2017)