Annastasia Wong

Bio: Hi, I’m Annastasia!  I joined CardinalBotics in my senior year of high school during the 2013-2014 season.  I served as the CAD Expert and co-founded CardinalBotics’ Lego Day San Francisco STEM outreach initiative with my friend, Bernice, in October of 2013.  

Joining robotics took a lot of courage; I initially shied away from joining the team at its founding in 2012 because of the overwhelming amount of males.  Joining the CardinalBotics challenged me to overcome my fears, communicate, lead, and learn from others. taught me that the dramatic gender intimidation factor really only existed inside my head. I learned to use power tools, CAD, and design gearboxes alongside those I initially felt intimidated by.  From this experience, I wanted to change the way girls in STEM are portrayed.  My friend, Bernice, and I co-founded CardinalBotics’ San Francisco STEM outreach initiative, Lego Days, to encourage San Francisco public school children, especially girls, to pursue science and engineering through Lego robotics!  A team that had initially unconsciously turned females away became a team that welcomed everyone.  

My favorite memory of CardinalBotics, and one of my best memories of high school, has to be unexpectedly winning the Engineering Inspiration Award at the 2014 Sacramento Regional alongside 40-or so hardworking, dedicated, passionate teammates.  CardinalBotics really instilled in me that a high school robotics team is more than high school, more than building a robot, and more than a FRC game. 

What they are doing now: I currently attend Case Western Reserve University and plan to study Mechanical Engineering and Chinese.