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Team 4159 CardinalBotics is a FIRST robotics team from Lowell High School in San Francisco, California. We compete in FIRST Robotics Competitions. As a high school group, CardinalBotics seeks to inspire youth through creativity, innovation, and teamwork in our community. This experience allows students to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM. 


CardinalBotics inspires youth by promoting creativity, teamwork, and commitment to our community. We raise support for FIRST and its mission by innovating solutions to technical challenges and publicly promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through our work as a team, we develop the skills necessary to become leaders of a dynamic and increasingly technology-dependent world.


Silicon Valley Regional - We'd like to take our second Engineering Inspiration Award to thank you all for your constant support. It's been incredible to have a community rallying behind us, keeping our spirits high and always cheering us on, win or lose. We appreciate each and every one of you for helping bring us to where we are today. So to everyone - mentors, parents, sponsors, followers, and friends:

Thank you.

Good luck to all teams for an amazing season and for those attending Champs - we'll see you there!

- CardinalBotics

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